“Never meet your heroes,” they say. What rubbish! Dominic has been working his way through them, one by one. Of his boyhood idols, he’s interviewed Adam West, William Shatner, Ray Bradbury, Richard O’Brien (three times) and, greatest of all, David Bowie. He’s also taken tea in Christopher Plummer’s home outside New York, spun round a funfair with David Essex, been invited to dance by Kim Cattrall, and hastened Rosanna Arquette and Peter Gabriel’s split. For the last few years he has been lead/cover feature writer for The Book and Where London Magazine, for whom he has interviewed Antony Sher, Iggy Azalea, Kelly Rowland, M.I.A., Emeli Sandé, Ross Noble, the Pythons, and the curators of several museums and galleries.

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Dominic started writing about graphic novels in 1986, the year that Watchmen, The Dark Knight and Maus all came out. He has met almost everyone who matters in British comics, and somewhere still has the tiny ’zine that a wild-eyed Jamie “Gorillaz” Hewlett gave out at his first comics convention. Alan Moore: “Literature is the highest possible technology. It’s virtual reality right there: 26 letters rearranged in certain forms which, when decoded by the average human mind, can recreate a complete wraparound 3-D environment.”

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A childhood divided between Canada and England, and an archaeologist father who unaccountably insisted that ancient ruins were more interesting to visit than Disneyland, meant that Dominic had travelled extensively even before adulthood. His first published article, in 1986, was about Amsterdam, which he divided into the eye-catching sub-headings of Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll. In the last couple of years he has written three ten-page features for Conde Nast Traveller: on Macau, Toronto, and Fogo Island. He has also written extensively for The Times, City AM, Metro, Time Out and Hemispheres on everything from shooting down a water-slide in Tenerife and playing poker in Vegas to journeying in style on the Orient Express and going on safari in Namibia with a ranger who lost one arm to a crocodile. Click the images below for selected features

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Dominic started writing film reviews for London’s Alternative Magazine in 1986, becoming their film editor. He also contributed numerous film reviews and features while editing at Time Out and The Times, and since leaving has filled in on occasion for The Times’s official film critic. He was also briefly film editor of the short-lived New London Review. His own burgeoning career as a scriptwriter, as well as the many courses and seminars he has attended, have deepened his understanding of the craft and business of film-making. He writes his own film blog at Click here for a sample Times review.