Animal Charm is a wickedly dark comedy starring Sadie Frost as a fading fashion designer who, in a bid to make a comeback, stages a tasteless musical production of “Animal Farm” in order to showcase her fur fashion creations. On opening night, she is kidnapped and held captive by animal activists (led by Sally Phillips), whose treatment of her begs the question: just who are the real animals?

The 20-minute featurette’s ridiculously talented director and co-writer is Ben Charles Edwards, and it comes on like a joyous British cross between John Waters and David Lynch. Co-starring Emily Beecham and Neeraj Singh, with cameos from Boy George, Nancy Dell’Olio, Jodie Harsh and Michael “Ugly Betty” Urie, this is an instant cult classic.

See Ben Charles Edwards site for more information.



Enter the fantasy world of Suzie Lovitt, aka an 8 year old boy, Rudy Law.

Rudy ransacks his sister’s bedroom to prepare for the role of a lifetime: 45 year old dry cleaner from West Ham, Suzie Lovitt. With make-up on the mirror and clothes upon the floor, Rudy’s fantasy takes to the stage where no-one can ignore him any longer…

This quirky short directed, originated and co-written by Ben Charles Edwards stars eight-year-old Rudy Law, and is based on a character he himself created.  See Ben Charles Edwards site for more.



Dominic’s third and most recent collaboration with Ben Charles Edwards was the most successful, playing at film festivals as far afield as Australia and picking up the Best Actress award at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in Feb 2014.

With Lanzarote doubling for the Nevada Desert in the 1960s, Dotty is a touching cross-generational friendship between a lonely, troubled boy and an eccentric old lady (played by Sadie Frost and her son by Jude Law, Rudy Law). There is a fantasy element, but to tell you what it is would spoil the surprise…



Colonel Badd once plotted to take over the world. Now retired, he struggles with the shopping and left-hand drive. This 15-minute mockumentary, which Dominic co-wrote with director Tony Errico, takes the form of an interview in which Colonel Badd tells the story of his often hilariously inept quest for global domination — though it transpires the interviewer has her own sinister agenda.

Dominic also has a supporting role as the American Dr Hook, during a poker game between Colonel Badd and his international super-villain friends. Colonel Badd was accepted into the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.



Dominic has written two full-length spec screenplays: Time Squared is a highly original time-travelling movie with several twists set in New York; Sins of the Fathers is a thriller set on Holy Island and in London, featuring an 18-year-old girl whose father’s hidden past catches up with them. Dominic also has half-a-dozen strong treatments for features, ranging from sci-fi, through fantasy-horror, to romantic drama.

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