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Dominic edited Time Out magazine from 1992-1998, at his peak selling 470,000 copies a month; he was editorial director of AOL (UK) 1999-2002; and launched and edited the Saturday Times’s arts magazines 2002-2007. He has won the BSME award for Editor of the Year four times. Click here for more


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Dominic originated and saw through many advertorial series at the Times, for clients including Kraft, Hewlett Packard, Comet and the Australian and Canadian Tourist Boards. Since then he has edited a glossy 140pp book for London Underground, produced an advertorial series for Courvoisier, and more.


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Dominic has co-written a 30-minute featurette, Animal Charm, which premieres in LA in May. A dark comedy set in the world of high fashion, it stars Sadie Frost and Sally Phillips, with a cameo by Boy George. He continues to work with the director, Ben Charles Edwards, with another short just made, and has several unproduced screenplays and treatments.


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Dominic has interviewed some of the greats: David Bowie, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kylie Minogue, Michael Gambon, Richard O’Brien and, er, William Shatner. He specialises in film, and on occasion has acted as film reviewer for The Times. He also writes about poker and travel, and knows more than is strictly healthy about comics and graphic novels. Click here to read features.

Poker Fiend

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Dominic has written and blogged about poker for The Times, Time Out, City AM, London Lite, the Evening Standard and the Sun. In the last seven years the game has taken him to Vegas (7x), Atlantic City, Macau, Paradise Island, Paris, Rome, Dublin and swinging from a crane above London’s City Hall. His biggest cash was £3,700 at the World Series of Poker Europe. He is seeking a publisher for a book about his experiences. Click here for poker articles and blog.